Language Arts - NTI Week 2

Welcome to week 2 of non-traditional instruction! As we've gotten used to our new schedule, we are adapting our plans for this week to make sure that students are having the best possible experience while learning from home. Ms. Embs (the Equestrian L.A. teacher) and I have adapted all 7th grade Language Arts classes to a new schedule found at the links below: Here is the schedule for 4th, 6th, and 8th hour Language Arts classes. Here is the schedule for 2nd and 5th hour Language Arts classes. Be sure to be checking Google Classroom for your assignments. If you are using paper copies, make sure to follow the schedule here, not the one printed on the front of your Language Arts packet. As always, contact me at if you have any questions!

Language Arts - Monday, April 6th

Happy first day of NTI! Students, please check your Language Arts Google Classroom website ( ) to see your assignment for today. Today, students are reading a text from their Close Reader workbook, answering the accompanying questions, and completing a graphic organizer on Google Docs. If students do not have their workbooks, they can use their Collections online textbook or the PDF version on Google Classroom. Here is a quick resource for my expectations during Non-Traditional Instruction (as well as what you can expect from me!) As always, don't hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions.

Language Arts: Thursday, March 12th

Students need to prepare for their vocabulary tests tomorrow over the Lesson 10 words. 4th, 6th, 8th Hours 2nd and 5th Hours There are also two optional extra credit opportunities that are due tomorrow: The Joseph Beth bookmark competition and the Breakfast Book Club book talk form .

Science: 03/12/2020

Today in all classes students saw an Amplify video introducing the next mission.  The name of the unit if Metabolism.  Students also took the pretest and were able to explore the new simulation that they will be using during the unit.

Social Studies 3/12/2020

There are still some students who need to complete their Chapter 16 Section 1 notes. These have to be done by tomorrow. If you did not finish the Aztec Ballgame Webquest, that needs to be done by tomorrow as well. That can be found on Canvas. *We will have an open note quiz on Monday 3/16 over sections 1 & 2. We will complete section 2 in quiz tomorrow and wrap up discussion on both sections.

Math Homework 03/11/2020

2nd, 4th & 5th hours -  39 - Topic 7 test Review .  Test tomorrow 6th & 8th hours- A3 - Topic 11.1 pages 469-470 #6 - 12 and 15 - 21

Science: 03/11/2020

Today in science we took the Light Waves Post Test and students, if time permitting, were able to work/complete the argument paper for the unit. Argument paper on Light Waves Unit (3.6, the homework) due tomorrow.

Social Studies 3/11/2020

If you did not finish your Chapter 16 Section 1 Notes, you need to do so for homework tonight. I have attached the link to the textbook below. You will only get 10-15 minutes to finish your Aztec Ballgame Webquest tomorrow. So if you feel you did not get enough done today, please work on that tonight. It is on Canvas.

Math Homework 03/10/2020

2nd, 4th & 5th hours -  38 - Probability Review .  Test on Thursday. 6th & 8th hours - A2 -Scatterplots and Histograms

Science: 03/10/2020

In science today in all classes we reviewed the Light Waves Critical Juncture and continued to work on the argumentative piece supporting or refuting the unit claims. TOMORROW JOURNAL CHECK TOMORROW POST TEST ON LIGHT WAVES ARGUMENTATIVE PIECE DUE THURSDAY